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Vous êtes négociant de produits alimentaires ou de fourrages? Nous vous procurons dans le monde entier des produits agricoles de toutes sortes. Nos spécialistes, dans le domaine conventionnel ou biologique, garantissent des offres compétitives et intéressantes ainsi qu’une logistique impeccable. De cette façon nous avons acquis une position dominante sur le marché suisse.


Produits – conventionnels et biologiques

céréales fourragères et panifiables blé, orge, épeautre, seigle, triticale, avoine, avoine nue, maïs, épeautre vert, amidonnier, engrain
céréales sans gluten millet, sarrasin
graines de moutarde moutarde jaune / blanche, moutarde brun, moutarde oriental
graines oléagineuses lin brun et jaune, graine de tournesol, sésame, graine de soja, graine de pavot, graine de potiron, cameline
épices coriandre, carvi
protéines pois, lupin, vicia faba, vesce, granulé de farine de luzerne, graine de soja, tourteau de soja, tourteau de colza, tourteau de lin, tourteau de tournesol
matière fourragère graines de tournesol noires, graines de tournesol rayées, son, pulpe de betterave, marc de pomme, sorgho blanc et rouge, carthame des teinturies, graines de canaris, chènevis, caroube, écaille d’huître, chaux fourragère
amidon / dérivé d’amidon
matières grasses végétales / animales
produits spéciaux levure de bière, haricot de Soisson, graine de Chardon-Marie


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Acquisition des céréales

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Assurance qualité

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Commerce biologique / conventionnel

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Commerce céréales

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Performance / Qualité

En tant que partenaire fiable des producteurs de produits alimentaires et de fourrage, nous garantissons à nos clients de leur fournir les prestations de marché convenues. Le respect des normes suivantes assure l’application d’une gestion de qualité conséquente.



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VSGF – Association suisse du commerce de céréales et matières fourragères

GAFTA – The Grain & Feed Trade Association

- Bourse suisse des céréales et produits agricoles





1930 Fondation de GRANOSA SA à Bâle

1976 Transfert du siège social à Goldach

1997 Transfert du siège social à Rorschach

et prise en charge des opérations commerciales de OMAG SA

2008 Transfert du siège social à Saint-Gall


GRANOSA SA est une entreprise familiale, en possession de Caleb SA.





Conditions (AVB) General


AVB This applies to all business relations between the parties from 1.5.2008


Download in PDF


1. A. Usanzen

These Terms and Conditions (GTC) General integral part of all delivery reports between granosa AG and the buyer. General conditions of the buyer are only valid if accepted by the granosa AG in writing. Silence on delivery or reference to these conditions means that their rejection. With the acceptance of the first delivery, the buyer acknowledges the AVB the granosa AG and waives its terms, even if they are mentioned in later documents such as quotations, invoices and delivery notes. Differences are valid only for the particular case and are in order. In addition to these AVB or other contractual provisions, customs and traditions of Swiss cereals and produce change applies. In any case, Swiss law applies.


2. freight parities

The seller may, notwithstanding the transfer point agreed to deliver the goods by another border or Inlandort and explain what a transfer point; differences resulting charge are the buyer paid or charged.


3. Finally weight

Unless otherwise agreed, the purpose of calculation of outgoing weight established.


4. Privatsilowagen

Within one business day buyers are French – Swiss border to reexpedieren as instructed by the seller. For all costs incurred for non-compliance with this provision, the buyer is responsible. The Reexpeditionskosten are the responsibility of the buyer, except transportation costs for pre-transport.


5. LKW removal

Caused by trucks initiated by the buyer dissipation More charges of any kind shall be borne by the purchaser. The seller assumes no responsibility for travel costs and vacuum if trucks are classified in the office before the goods have been made available for dissipation.


6. Ships in stock compulsory

Considered normal performance. The effects of changes in tariffs and import duties transferred to the storage lot of rights and be made on the goods concerned charged by completion of delivery dates.


7. regulatory measures

All obligations imposed by the seller of official measures are the responsibility of the buyer.


8. Domestic cake

Increase or decrease in feed costs of domestic oilseeds are settled in accordance with the current practice of the plant oil.


9. complaints

The customer must immediately delivered goods – necessitated by analysis and / or treatment of the sample – investigating to see if it is perfect and fit for purpose.

Complaints because of differences or complaints of any kind must be made before quality mixing, processing, resale or re-delivery of the goods in accordance with the customs of sampling methods and findings of fact and The procedure for sample transfer. Otherwise, any claim by the buyer fate. In particular, Article 32 applies, 37, 38 and 39 of the regulations against defects.

The mixture, processing, resale and also delivery of the goods were found in the defects or, in the utmost care could be found is at the risk of the customer.

Weight gap can be determined during the presentation by the authorized bodies of the web, warehouse or freight in accordance with Articles 5 and 6 of the regulations. In all cases, the right of appeal must be protected against legal persons.


10. Analysis and natural weight regulation

Analytical statements are prepared and natural weight because the market price of fees and expenses related to the import less. Billing is carried out in accordance with the regulations in force in Seelöschhafen or practices of the country of origin.


11. Prepayments and default interest

The seller reserves the right at any time contrary to the contractual provisions of payment Ware also – to deliver only against advance payment. For late fees late payment.


12. Court of Arbitration

Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be finally assessed by the Arbitration Court and produce cereals Swiss Exchange.


13. jurisdiction

Disputes are not covered by the arbitration jurisdiction is the headquarters of granosa AG.


14. Final Provisions

Any changes to these terms will be binding if agreed in writing.
St. Gallen, May 2008

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